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Often overlooked by companies and brands, the Pinterest social network has become a veritable viral phenomenon on the web, which is continually growing. Last year, its active user base increased by 33% in less than a year.

This platform is a social network where users can share pins, which are images, and which can be grouped into tables, public and personalized image banks on all possible and conceivable themes, and in many fields. Users can draw images from other people’s pins to piece together new pins and create a thematic set. Images are usually accompanied by articles and URLs redirecting to their authors’ websites.

The leading utility of this platform for brands is to disseminate a graphic universe, but it can also increase traffic to your website by promoting it through your publications. Let’s go through the different characteristics of this social network together. Click here for Pinterest Course for $2


The Pinterest Social Network

Pinterest is a place of inspiration for all your projects and interests. The site functions like a corkboard where we pin the images that we like. You can share your pins with other users, and retrieve published content to create new tables.

Pinterest is based on social sharing and communication via images, which is an increasingly popular form of communication on all social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or the reference of social networks for photos: Instagram.

The site welcomes more than 200 million active users every month and contains more than 100 billion pins. The peculiarity of the platform, in addition to sharing content, is that the images published have a great diversity: photos, drawings, infographics, caricatures, and many others, which are all means of expression for its users.

For several years, this social network has become the playground for many brands. Indeed, the craze for the social network and the freedom allowed in sharing and promoting content makes it possible to offer high visibility to many companies.


Better Visibility on Your Website Thanks To Pinterest

A first good practice on Pinterest is to fill out your profile appropriately. Remember to include the name of your company, your sales or service area as well as a link to your website.

You can then use this link to your Pinterest profile by adding it to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn.

As soon as you are registered on Pinterest, you can create a publication informing subscribers of your other platforms where you are now present and inviting them to follow your account.

If you have a budget dedicated to your marketing actions, you can increase your visibility by sponsoring your Pinterest pins. Indeed, Pinterest offers to pay to highlight your pins and increase the reach of your publications to reach a wider audience. However, be sure to sponsor the pins you own to maximize the impact of advertising on your traffic.

A good tip is to pin when your traffic periods are highest. The type of search and the kind of customer is different depending on the traffic periods. So remember to analyze your results to identify the types of customers who visit your site and when.


Good Use of The Pinterest Network

You will be able to create Pinterest boards based on different themes and pin an assortment of rigorously selected photos within these boards. You can also give titles to these tables. A good marketing strategy is to name these tables with keywords related to your industry that are likely to attract users so that they can be redirected to your pins in their search results.

It is also a good practice to mix proprietary pins, that is, your content with contextualization pins, that is to say, pins found on the platform. Whenever you pin content, make sure to put your description. Your brand name must be present and several impacting hashtags for your pins to end up in the right categories.

Also, do not hesitate to add calls to action to your images to encourage interactions with your audience. Calls to action are all the incentives for the interaction you offer your users. Prefer portrait image formats that take up more space and provide better visibility, especially on mobile.

For proprietary pins, insert a link directly to a page on your website, and then customers will be redirected to it. A shoe sales company could, for example, create a table on its summer collection and redirect Internet users to its online store. The process of grouping by tables allows you to offer a wide variety of content to your subscribers by taking inspiration from content shared by other users, and thus allowing a continuous renewal of the images you highlight, consequently attracting significant traffic. 


Some Tools for Using Pinterest

To increase the number of content pins on your website, install the Pinterest browser extension. This will make the “Pin-It” button appear on the different images and will facilitate the process for your content searches. Add this button on several pages of your site so that customers can easily access your account. Sharing your pins will allow you to extend your reach on the platform and possibly the number of subscribers to your page.

You can also automate your pinning. This technique, prevalent for Facebook, Twitter, (etc.) thanks to sites such as Buffer or Hootsuite, is also possible with Pinterest. Automation allows you to publish your pins at strategic times, where you have a good influx, to optimize the reach of your images.


Your Website Traffic Is Increasing Thanks to The Use of Pinterest

Although long shunned by many players in Web Marketing, Pinterest has become a full-fledged communication platform for the dissemination of brand images and the reputation of companies. This original social network offers a wide variety of ways to expand your audience and increase traffic to your website.

However, while it’s easy to create and share lots of content on Pinterest, you have to keep in mind that the first objective of your strategy on the platform must remain the quality of the content. It is essential to take the greatest care in your publications and your tables, to produce relevant and sought-after content by users.

On a final note, Pinterest, therefore, represents a social network mainly focused on the image, but which, if used well, can allow you to increase traffic on your website. It is an excellent opportunity to work on your SEO. It’s good not just for backlinks, but also traffic. So even if a small portion of your audience match with that of Pinterest, go for it!

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