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Affiliate Marketing – Niche Trends For 2019

Currently, many people are looking for ways to make money online. For this, affiliate marketing can be a good option.

You can earn extra income or devote 100% to working online.

The advantages of this are that you can make your own schedule; you have absolute autonomy and can work from wherever you want.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the disclosure of third-party products. That is, you will advertise the product of some company and earn a commission if the product is sold.

Several large companies, such as Amazon, have this type of service.

This system is advantageous for both sides. The company earns sellers and sell their products without spending anything.

And anyone who has sales and persuasion skills or knows marketing techniques can make a living without leaving home.

Products can be advertised through various channels. For example, websites and blogs, social networks, email marketing, and even e-books.


First of all, you need to choose the product you are going to disclose. You can choose from the numerous products that exist on the internet.

However, if you already work in any niche, choose a product that has to do with what you do.

In the same way, try to understand the product. To do this, ask for information about it and even ask for a sample in some cases.

Then you can start working on advertising on top of the product.

This advertising should be done by highlighting the qualities of the product for your target audience.

To finish, depending on the product chosen, your commission can range from cents up to $ 500 in a single sale.

How to make money?

To start making money as an affiliate, you must understand the existing formats.

The format that will be used to pay the affiliate is decided by the company, owner of the product and so on.

The possible formats are:

Cost Per Click:

In this case, you make the disclosure of a product on your site. It can be in the form of a banner, link in text, images, and even email marketing.

And you get a commission every time someone clicks on your marketing material. The person does not need to buy the product for you to receive, just click on the advertisement.

Cost Per Action:

This format will require a little more of your persuasion.

You receive the commission when the user clicks on your ad and performs some action, predetermined by the company. This action can be registration, request budget, make a deposit or any other action. So here you need to convince your audience to take action.

Cost Per Thousand Impressions:

In this case, you do not need to convince your audience to interact with your disclosure.

The company pays a fixed amount for every thousand views the banner has on your site. That is, you just need to place the banner on the main page of your site. And every thousand views, you get the amount determined.

Cost per Sales:

In this format, you have to influence your audience until it realizes the purchase of the product.

Generally, your commission is a percentage of the value of the customer’s purchase. So the higher your purchase, the more you earn. So your commission can vary greatly in this case. It will depend on the value of the products and the interest of the customer.

Trends for 2019

Paid Ads

Ads paid on social networks are the ones that generate the most results and the trend is that they continue.

Especially on Instagram, the social network with almost 500 million active users daily.

Audio content

I do not know if you have noticed, but some publications already give us the option to be heard.

In addition, the podcast market is being increasingly exploited. Now you can find all the subjects available in podcast form. Audio content has become a good choice because people can listen anywhere and while doing other things. For example, in the transport, in the gym and while they are walking in the street.

Video Content

Like audio, videos can be heard in any situation. If you can not see, just put a handset and you will know about the subject being spoken. In addition, the image is already the form that most hits the customers. Combining this with the practicality of the audio, we have the video. That allows an easy consumption and without much effort.

Influential Marketing

Studies show that marketing influencers will grow a lot in 2019.

That is, people who have high engagement in social networks will be the best option to make your advertisement. That way, customers will see that someone they trust uses their product.


Chatbots are getting both more advanced and more common as the technology behind them advances and easier for companies to implement.

IBM estimates that 80% of customer service enquires could be handled by chatbots and customers approve with 53% of customers preferring to start with online chat before calling a customer service number

Chatbots can provide a way to deliver traffic as well as interacting with users on landing pages to help address concerns. These interactions can also help you identify what common concerns keep coming up and ways to optimize your sales pages further.

More People Are Using Voice Search

With improvements in speech recognition, the growth in sales of smart speakers (24% of US households already own one), and the proliferation of voice assistance on devices users already have, voice searches are growing.

In fact, one recent report suggested that by 2020 half of all searches will be initiated by voice.

But this has an impact on affiliate marketers.

Although search results may be used to get an instant answer, they are also used to pull up data and web pages for further reading. To get that traffic, you need to change your SEO approach for voice but there is the question as to whether a provider will start selling sponsored search results too. That could have huge potential for savvy early-adopter affiliates.


Now that you already know everything about affiliate marketing, you can start earning your income from home. However, it is important to have discipline during working hours and be very organized. In addition, content marketing will be your great ally to get customers. So, have good planning.

Affiliate marketing has grown a lot in recent years. Due to a large number of people who are looking to work from home and with quality, and to use the internet when evaluating and researching products.