Vidmonial 2.0 Commercial Review

Vidmonial 2.0 Review

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Vidmonial 2.0 Commercial

$27.00 - $169

Easy To Use








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Upgraded Video Technology Collects
 Video Testimonials that

Triple Conversions and Drive Traffic
on Full Autopilot

Smash Through Trust Barriers and Dial-Up Traffic for You and Clients with
the Massively Upgraded, Cutting-Edge, Best Video Generator


  • Get Autopilot Video Reviews – Collect video testimonials on full autopilot in the cloud & mobile. Nothing to setup or install.
  • Easy Video Editor– Add graphics, CTAs, BG music & more to turn your captured into great marketing content
  • Bonus Creation & Delivery – Incentivize and reward anyone who leaves a video review with an ethical bonus handsfree
  • Sell to Clients – Get Commercial Rights to generate video testimonials for clients, an easy sell that every business needs more of
  • Syndicate For Traffic – Embed your videos anywhere w/ social proof widgets & syndicate to popular networks for traffic in a click.

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Watch How Easy it is to Profit from Vidmonial 2.0 in this Demo:

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Your low investment is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee

Real Testimonial Captured by Vidmonial

They going to show you how they’ve doubled…

…for our business and clients with no extra work needing using a massively upgraded version of the best video traffic and conversion tool today.

We’ve done it by automating the process of capturing, embedding, and driving traffic with powerful video testimonials on complete autopilot…

Allowing us to easily produce results like these:

Bigger affiliate products due to an increase in trust thanks to video testimonials:

vidmonial2Successful launches:

vidmonial2Traffic from 100% scratch with testimonial videos shared on social:

vidmonial2And lists of warmed up to remarket too from video testimonial filled squeeze pages:


vidmonial2…and at this point, I can firmly state that…

Getting Video Testimonials
is Time Consuming Work

Normally you have to…


Vidmonial 2.0 Commercial Review

Vidmonial 2 expands upon the initial, little video capture tool and transforms it into an entire video marketing review suite that captures, edits, syndicates, and markets both video and text testimonials all-in-one.


Vidmonial 2.0 STEPS 



It works in 5 Simple Steps:

01. Incentive Buyers of Any Product to Leave a Review

You can incentivize customers of your products, your clients, or someone else’s if you’re an affiliate to leave a video testimonial in exchange for a bonus, guide, coupon code, or any other incentive you want.


02. Customers Record The Review Quickly Via Desktop or Mobile Now

Vidmonial 2.0 makes it easy in 1-click for the user to record the testimonial through their desktop or now through mobile if they are in a hurry. You can also choose to allow them to leave a text review and give star ratings.


03. Review and Testimonial and Edit the Video

Then, review the testimonial and edit it in the new Video Wizard. Transform it from a borning video to a solid marketing piece with custom CTAs, graphics, text, music and more you can share around the web.


04. Market the Video with Display and Widget Technology

Then, embed your video using brand new templates or showcase it, along with other similar product reviews on the new Vidmonial 2 Social Proof Widget to quickly begin increasing conversions.


05. Syndicate Around the Web for Traffic and Fresh Leads

In just a click, you can share the testimonial to tons of social networks for traffic and fresh leads. Now, instead of slaving away creating the videos yourself just have customers create them FOR you to use in your sales pages, blogs, Facebook ads, YouTube channels, and more.


Watch How Easy it is to Profit from Vidmonial 2.0 in this Demo:


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