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  • Find Your Competitors RPI
  • Find Your Competitors Exact Keywords
  • Find Your Competitors Exact tags
  • Follow a Proven guide For Ranking
  • Manipulate Their Ranking To Improve Yours
  • Fast Track Your Progress And Flood Your Niche

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Proudly Introducing…

Niche Commander – The Ultimate Shortcut

No niche is safe when you attack it with Niche Commander. Why? Because we use google against themselves… Just exactly how they want us to!

Nothing blackhat, nothing underhanded, just a plain and simple step-by-step processes that allow us to dominate and own any niche we happen to want.

Niche Commander review

In general, any marketers overall goal is to get his offer listed in google, and then expand on that until he gets to a point that it is hard to search in that niche and not be exposed to one or more of his offer listings. (niche saturation)

We can easily achieve that goal by using Youtube to get into Google usually within minutes.

But we won’t be doing it in the usual way – The “usual” way that everyone teaches and promotes is an uncontrollable mess.

Because people like you and me actually build profitable businesses, we can’t afford to waste time jumping all over the place. We have to focus in on a plan and work that plan knowing what the end results will be.

Niche Commander software (along with a couple of vitally important companion programs you’ll also be needed, and will get for free as bonuses) is a custom tool created specifically to expose weaknesses in your niche, no matter what that niche is.

Once the software identifies those weaknesses, you are able to take a standard set of steps to come in and replace the video in the Google position that you want and need.

You do that enough times and you become ‘the voice‘ in your niche. People will begin acting, interacting, and responding to you as an authority in your niche.


It’s no question that ranking take part foe the majority of traffic, I mean how many times do you actually click on the next page results?

92% of traffic flows through the first page of Google, can you believe that!

The facts are out there clear as day, better conversions and sales, better ROI, trust branding, engagements, we know all of this already.
The Goal Is simple… To get your video on top of the front page listings on Google or Youtube. Plus, not having to worry about long “obscure” tail keywords.
The Truth Is…
All those people you see in those top listings are using exactly what Google wants, the only thing is… Google never tells you what they want!
Hundreds and hundreds of marketers are doing this, and it’s not like its new. The same formula that has been “hidden” from the public sight has been used for literally decades.

A Quick Guide To Ranking Videos

  1. Video Length•  You want your video a minimum of 3 minutes, but optimally around 10 (+/- a minute or 3 is fine)
  2. Video Title• Put your targeted keyword phrase in your title twice. You can do this without it being obvious that you are doing it.For example: Make Money Online In 2019 The Easy Way – Make Money Online

    We put your targeted keyword at the beginning and at the end, with a little filler in between so that the title feels and flows nicely.

  3. Description• Use your targeted keyword phrase 4 times in your description area. Mix it in naturally with other text and put it in different sentences and paragraphs.
  4. Tags• Use all available tag space, take all of the tags from the #1 video showing in google for your keyword (remove the ones that aren’t really relevant). Be sure to include your targeted keyword phrase.
  5. Audience Retention• There is no set time here, it really depends on the length of your video. This is not a concern as long as you actually have an informative/entertaining video.
  6. Engagement• (Comments / Likes)• In most cases you really won’t need engagement to rank initially, and once you’re ranked, by default, because of the traffic Google is sending, you’ll get engagement.
  7. RPI• This is one that most people miss and or do not understand. In general, your overall video channel has a ‘strength’ number associated with it. The higher that number goes makes it easier and easier to outrank other people as well as rank for short tail keywords.There is a software program called TAC (Tube Authority Commander) that takes care of this for you.


Now imagine you had a tool that showed you what your competition was doing, and even showed off their weaknesses.

With the information that I just told you and this awesome automated tool I built, You could sweep your competitors out from under their rankings!

So, how do we identify those weak points, how do we exploit those weak points, and what is the real end result of engaging in the aforementioned exploits?

The first thing to understand is that ranking in Google is the holy grail of marketing. But those rankings have to be very tightly focused, and in sufficient abundance to pull in a good volume of specifically targeted visitors/views/traffic.

You also have to apply a little common sense into the equation. For example, you need a lot less in doing local niches than you need in doing worldwide niches.

Niche Commander zeros in on the specific listings that you need in order to become the voice of your niche.

It identifies where you need to be and then gives you supporting data on how to overcome those who are currently holding those positions.

That is how we identify those specific niche weak points.

In the video above I covered how you exploit those weaknesses… None of this is particularly difficult, it really comes down to a routine.
You take a series of steps defined by the data presented to you from Niche Commander.

The end results of taking action on the information that Niche Commander is providing you is that you become an authority in that niche, and you get all of the things that come along with authority.

All niches are not created equally. Some are designed more for lead generation, others lean toward impulse sales, some are better suited for followup, and others are for pure view volume (which ultimately results in ad revenue.

The point is, you are the one who chooses your niche, and you need to know the flow of that niche.

Niche Commander can tell you how to exploit and dominate any niche, but you as the individual need to understand how to ‘monetize’ your niche.
When I say monetize, I am not just talking about money. I am talking about all of the things I covered in the paragraph above.

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