flipping domain names
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You must have seen on the TV how people make money by flipping a house. But that is not the only place where real estate is being bought and sold every day? It also happens in a virtual world known as the internet and this time the property being sold is domain names. Yes, you read that’s correct! Flipping domain names has become more popular as the internet continues to grow. Almost every tom, dick and harry now have a website or know someone who owns a website.

Why should you get involved in this type of business? Let’s find out:

Flipping Real estate requires a lot of hard work since you first need to find the right property for the right price. Then you spend time and money fixing up the place doing things like painting, cleaning, doing other minor repairs, which can take weeks, even months. And when you finally finish you still have to find someone to buy the home for a profit. That sometimes takes months or years, especially in this bad economy and you might need to keep dropping the price of the home until you find someone to buy all that just to get one house sold.

Now take a look at flipping domain names. Yes, you have the same issues to deal with but is much easier to do online. Everything is done from the comfort of your home computer. Buying an unused website is a lot cheaper. You only need to make some changes to the website, direct some traffic and get it sold. Flipping a domain is a lot easier, you can buy, fix up, then sell a domain all in one day. Doing that to real estate is almost impossible.


Plus the cost of maintaining a website if it doesn’t get sold quickly is much cheaper compared to home when it is not selling. Just pay a small hosting fee every month and that is it. Flipping real estate is much more costly with insurance, property taxes, maintaining the yard and the fuel you burn driving from home to home checking on your investments. Flipping domain names allows you to check your sites with just a few clicks on your computer.

Another advantage of flipping domains is the fact that it is recession-proof. The internet will not see much of a downward turn no matter how bad the economy gets. People understand the importance of having an online presence every day. So many small business owners do not have time to run a business and create a website. They would be more than happy to simply purchase a ready-made website with traffic going to it. All they have to do is add their information in and publish it to the search engines.

Why is it an ideal business?

An average person in this modern time owns a website. These types of people are the potential buyer of the flipped domain. Most people don’t know much about “PHP” or “HTML” and if you do then they will simply buy one of your websites and just make a few changes and call it their own. If you own domains with popular keywords as it domain name then it is worth even more. Keyword domains give you a better chance for getting listed high in search engine results and that means you can charge for them.

Now, do you see why flipping domain names can be much better than flipping real estate? This opportunity is only going to increase you should get started now so you can dominate the field. This is another smart way to make money online and it is relatively easy to do.

If you are an internet marketer, you might have explored several opportunities to make money on the net. The internet is rife with a plethora of offers promising quick and effective ways of launching an internet business and earning a regular online income. It is a fact that there are umpteen ways of earning an income using the net. There are a large number of people who have turned their internet businesses into a full-time activity. Flipping Domain names is one such opportunity. Though this activity has been going on almost from the time the internet came into being as a platform for e-commerce, surprisingly, not many people know about this.

You know that domains are the nerves of the internet. The entire web is made up of billions of other websites. Thousands of new websites are added every day. The websites need identification or a name just as we humans need names for identifying and distinguishing ourselves from everyone else. Domain names serve as the identification criteria for websites. Each website needs a unique name to have a distinct identity. There is a need for choosing the most appropriate names. A website that deals with health issues need a name with the word ‘health’. There will be a huge demand and high competition for certain names, words, and phrases. If a name has been taken already, it is no longer available.


Thus a business that helps people get the domain names that match their business has bigger prospects. according to statistics millions of domains are registered every year, millions of domains are also being transferred. If you have acquired a domain with a particular name and some people in the business to which your domain name is related are interested in buying that domain name from you, sell it and make a profit. If there are a large number of prospective buyers, you can invite bids from the prospects and sell the domain name to the one who makes the highest bid. This is the concept of domain flipping. How much profit you will get depends on the value placed on the particular name by the prospective buyers.

Reasons why Flipping domain names is an attractive opportunity:

  1. Once you understand the concept of domain flipping, this becomes an easy business to operate.
  2. You can do it without having a website and without incurring marketing expenses.
  3. Require low investment. You can buy one domain for less than $10 and after selling this, you can reinvest your money to expand the business.

The only requirement is that you should have a thorough understanding of what domain names flipping is and how the business of flipping domain names can be carried out easily.