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Are you looking to earn money online and don’t know how? if you don’t have SEO skills or other specialized ability to make cash online, Review writing is one zone you can dive into if you must make money online by giving your honest decision about items and things you have used. When it comes to products or items every person has a different opinion, entitled to; no matter how strange or different that they may be. Now the good news is there are websites available on the Internet that pay people to write their opinions on products.

These websites have a huge database of products; that range from household items like shampoo and crisps to other household products, electrical goods such as CDs and DVD players.

Question 1:

How do I get started writing a review?

Answer 1: First get started doing as a hobby once you grow into it then you’ll see the money rolling in, the website has an individual page for each of these thousands of products, and you can get paid to write a review on any of these products/services.

The first thing you need to do when you want to get paid for writing reviews is to make sure you take your time and do your research about the review websites and go with the one that best suits you. Locate the various review websites, and decide which ones you want to work for. Some review sites only pay for page views, while others will give you an upfront payment, other websites will even give you both, you need to know that there is no limit to the amount of money you can make writing online reviews. The best choice for getting the most out of each of your reviews is to sign up for the websites that will allow you to post your review on a variety of other sites as well.

Question 2:

What are the things to know when starting up as a review writer?

Answer 2: Some of the review companies will, of course, make you agree that your review is original, but others will allow you to share it, and this allows you to make two or three times the money you would with one review. Write What You Know When it comes to writing reviews that will make you money online, the best tactic is to write about what you know. Do not fabricate information about a product that you haven’t tested.

The best way to get paid for writing reviews is to write the truth that makes it easy for you since you are giving your candid opinion about the product. With review writing, you can choose any product in your home to sound off about. writing a review on anything is a way to earn income, once you are truthful and thorough the money will begin to flow.

Most review sites pay on a once a month basis, but a few others will pay you shortly after submission of your review. The majority of companies generally will pay through PayPal or check, and a few others offer direct deposit.

To get paid for writing reviews, you have to take the time to reach out to the readers and let them know exactly what you thought about a product. If you follow the tips above, you will be able to earn small but steady revenue by writing online reviews.

List of Some Review Website to start with:

Here are some websites that pay for review writing, if you ever wish to make money from writing online product reviews, you can start with the under listed websites and earn a decent amount of money.

  • Softwarejudge:

This website accepts only software-related reviews for products listed at the site. Sometimes you might not get paid the same amount promised to pay by the website on each review, but the most important thing is that you get paid after writing a good review, software judge claims to pay around $50 on each review, but you might get something between $10 to $15 per review which is not bad for a starter, If you ever wish to try your luck with Software Judge, make sure you first read and understand the rules. Rules –

  • Epinions:

It is the oldest and the best-known review site that has been consistent in living up to its promises by paying the teeming population of reviewers for years. The most important thing to know about Epinion is the fact that earnings get determined by the number of page views generated by posted reviews, which most of the time means you get nothing if your review fails to gather views. Still, has thousands of products to review, so you may as well give it a try. every review gets read by a moderator to ensure originality and uniqueness, so trying to submit a review that’s not yours attracts a penalty of a lifetime ban. The first step is to register on this website before you can be able to read all the details. Registration –

  • DigitalPoint:

This website is an easy option for turning your writing into money. Here you don’t even need to review anything. DigitalPoint forums operate on a profit-sharing principle. Here is what it means. DigitalPoint makes money by displaying AdSense ads. For instance, if you create a topic and take part in the discussion, half the ad revenue comes to you. Go ahead and set up AdSense account for earned fund since 50% of the ad revenue goes to DigitalPoint, the remaining half is yours.

This means the more discussion topic you create and have active participation the greater your chance of making more money. So how much you can make is dependent on you. If you are a good writer, this might be a perfect way to earn a decent amount of money. But, remember you’ll have to set up your account first to start earning.

Good reads and Amazon are two of the other websites to try out if you as a review writer.