How To Earn Money Online- 20 Ways To Start Making Money Online As A Student

How To Earn Money Online
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20 Ways To Start Making Money Online As A Student

Due to a large number of requests about writing an article about the best real methods to make money online, we have prepared a list of the best options to generate income online in 2020. No one has said that it will be neither quick nor easy. But patience and hard work, anything is possible.

Of course, and with the internet, there are opportunities for everyone.

1.      Write and publish an eBook

Today, anyone can write and publish an ebook that reaches millions of people around the world. How? Using Amazon, you can publish a book and earn money.

By selling books on Amazon, you can earn up to 70% of sales. Not bad considering that a publisher usually pays around 10% of the sale of a book.

Amazon books

Many people are generating high-income thanks to the sale of books on Amazon. One of the options is to write nonfiction books around themes.

For example, a guide on how to be more productive, a guide to learn languages ​​faster, an ebook on how to make a good YouTube channel, or about sewing, and so on. There are many topics to address.

One of the most striking reasons for this method to earn money online is that once the book is created (put it in you 25 hours) a passive income will be generated for the rest of your life; or while Amazon works!


2.      Work as a copywriter

become a copywriter

All companies, both online and traditional, need texts:

If a company has a website, someone has to write the texts of the different pages

If a company has a mailing list, someone has to write the emails that are sent to subscribers

If a company has a catalogue, someone has to choose the right words to describe each product

Realize that these texts cannot be written by anyone, because they have a brutal impact on the brand and sales.

You have to leave them in the hands of an expert of words, and that expert is the copywriter.


3.      Work as a digital trafficker

digital trafficker

Your main task is to create advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other networks with the aim of helping freelancers and small businesses to get more customers.


4.      Create niche affiliate pages

A niche page, as the name implies, is a website about a very specific theme or niche. For example, diving products or information about dinosaurs.

The operation of this business model is very simple:

You set up the web

You create content on the theme you have chosen

You use SEO techniques (search engine optimization, or Search Engine Optimization in English) to position those contents in the top positions of Google and thus get traffic

Once you have traffic, you generate revenue using one of the different monetization strategies that exist


5.      Work as a programmer

Abstract glowing programming background. Software and coding concept. 3D Rendering

A programmer is a professional who is dedicated to creating software and applications.

It does this by writing code in one or more of the different programming languages ​​that exist: Javascript, Phyton, Go, Java, C ++, etc.

Although the main task of a programmer is to program, it is usually also responsible for designing new features, creating tests, correcting errors and writing documentation.


6.      Work as a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a professional who is dedicated to helping bloggers, digital entrepreneurs or companies with all kinds of non-technical tasks.

Ultimately, a virtual assistant is a problem solver.

Someone who is responsible for making life easier for another person so that he does not waste time with activities that are outside his area of ​​genius and can devote himself to what is really good for him.

7.      Sell online courses (info producer)

Sell online courses

An online course is a training that can be done 100% through the internet.

It is usually composed of a series of videos grouped by modules and lessons that are accompanied by worksheets and other additional material.

In addition, some courses include tutors, question and answer sessions with the teacher, and even a community so that students can interact with each other.

All these contents are uploaded to a website and password-protected so that only students who have purchased the course can access them.


8.      Sell physical products through dropshipping

Sell physical products through dropshipping
Sell physical products through dropshipping

The dropshipping is a system that allows you to have your own online store without the need to manage an inventory or send orders to your customers.

The idea is the following:

·        You create a website where you offer the products of one or more suppliers

·        People visit that website and some users buy your products

·        Every time a customer buys you a product, you buy it from your supplier at a reduced price and ask him to send it to that customer’s address

·        The supplier sends the product to the customer anonymously

·        Your customer receives at home the product he has purchased

As you can see, with dropshipping you avoid the greatest risk of starting conventional e-commerce, which is to invest a large sum of money in products that you do not know if you are going to sell.


9.      Sell physical products in Amazon FBA

The acronym FBA stands for “Fulfilled By Amazon,” which means that Amazon takes care of the part of the entire logistics.

You send the products you want to sell to their stores, you register them on their website, and they take care of storing them, packing them and sending them every time someone buys them, and also to manage any returns.

In this business model, your role is that of a supplier.

Your job is to find or manufacture quality products that sell well and have a good margin; keep a stock of those products in Amazon stores; and present them with some photos and an attractive description on their website.

Amazon takes care of everything else, obviously in exchange for a commission.


10. Exercise your current profession through the internet

Exercising your profession online is exactly the same as exercising it from an office.

You rent your time and your knowledge to a company or offer your services to a series of clients that hire you, and in return, you receive financial compensation.

The only difference is that when you work online, you do everything from your computer, without having to go anywhere, and instead of working with physical documents, you work with digital documents.

In many cases, this is the easiest and most immediate way to build a life that suits you, because you don’t have to form anything new.


11. Sell ​​photos online

Sell ​​photos online

Photography is another method to earn money online. In addition, well done, like all the above, it can become a full-time job.

There are numerous websites that allow you to sell your photographs to earn money. Like everything, having a good strategy to publicize your photographs as well as knowing which are the most sold photos, will be essential to get more exposure to your photographs and higher income.


12. Instagram


Who wouldn’t like to make money using Instagram? You don’t have to have a great account to generate income with this famous social network. What you do have to know are the best ways to monetize your Instagram account and test which one works best with your profile.

What options are there to make money with Instagram? Many, for example:

Platforms that put advertisers in contact with influencers.
Sell products or info products by Instagram.
Recommend third-party products as an affiliate. There are people who just recommend the book they are reading or the proteins they take to train to take out an extra
Sell ​​pictures. Be creative, give it a different touch and sell them.

13. Youtube

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and the third most visited website in the world. This data is very interesting since YouTube came to stay in our lives.

It is true that it is not easy to break through on YouTube, nor is it easy in other methods presented in this article. There are many factors to have a YouTube channel that really works and generates benefits.

If you have a camera and ability with videos, YouTube is free. In fact, from the platform, they offer a free course to learn how to make money with YouTube that consists of three lessons.


14. Sell ​​crafts online

If you are a craftsman or you are an agile person with your hands, and you are good at making unique pieces, you can consider selling crafts online. There are several platforms for this, and they give you the possibility to reach any corner of the world with your artistic creations.


15. Consultant

The consultant’s business is one of the oldest businesses in the world. Now, it can also be done online. If you are an expert in any subject, there will always be someone who knows less; you can start an online business around your consultancies.

There are many options: marketing consultant, financial consultant, digital business consultant, SEO consultant, human resources consultant, etc.


16. Rent your room or house in AirBnB

One of the great opportunities in the market today is the ease of being able to rent a room, your home or a set of homes through Airbnb. This platform, which has changed the centre of many large cities, is a good tool to make money online.

You can register with AirBnB to start knowing how the platform works and generate your first income.

In addition, it not only offers the opportunity to give visibility to your room or home, but you can also offer experiences through the platform and earn an extra.


17. To teach languages

If languages are your thing, it is also a fantastic option to make money online. There are many platforms and resources to teach languages ​​online. In addition, the demand is quite high.


18. Translators and Interpreters

Not only teach languages, but there are also very valid options for those who want to make money online with translation and interpretation.


19. Transcriber

It is another method to make money online. Work transcribing audio documents in writing, basically, that is what a transcriber does.

Generally, they are usually medical or legal texts, although there is also room for other areas.


20. Media buyer

A media buyer is a person who buys online advertising. This is a profession with an upward trend, thanks to Facebook and Google. Media buyers can buy advertising for third parties, to recommend affiliate products or info products.



Before finalizing this article on the different methods to generate income with the internet, several important questions must be answered.

As you can see, there are a lot of real methods to make money online. Most of them are digital professions, new jobs of the internet age.

Not everyone needs previous experience or knowledge to start; in fact, most can do them without a large investment. Of course, Training will be key to moving faster and achieve your goals in a shorter period of time.

We know that we have more options to earn money online along the way. You can leave us a comment mentioning the method, and we will add it to this list.