How to choose the right specialty in Freelance writing

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After learning how to become a freelance writer, If every information provided in my previous publication is put to proper use, your career as a writer must have begun by now and you are probably thinking on how to improve yourself as a writer or choose a special niche that is most suitable for you and appeal to your writing sense.

If you are developing a professional writing career, one of your first tasks is to choose the right specialty for you. Specialist writers make more money than generalist writers, therefore if you create a specialty you will boost your income dramatically and you will be at the advantage since you will be writing in the areas you find most interesting and that will go a long way in making your job as a writer so easy.


It is very important to decide on whether you want to be a general writer or a specialized writer. Most successful writers today began their careers with a single specialized freelance writer job that encouraged them to continue because the job paid well and required them to apply the knowledge they already have.

Your chosen specialty will be the primary factor in determining your long-term success as a freelance writer. Whether you take up work as a freelance ghostwriter, an SEO-writer for the internet, media writer for mass communication, advertising copywriter or anything else, your specialty will set you apart from the thousands of other writers. Your reputation will become extraordinary as a specialist, which will provide prestigious clients with the incentive to hire your services over and over again. Most corporate clients prefer to work with specialized writers because these writers can give them exactly what they want.

When deciding on your specialty, make sure you pick a specialty that will allow you to work on quality, rather than quantity. Nobody wishes to slave away for hundreds of low-paying projects. When you can easily start by getting a high-paying freelance writer job relevant to your specialty, and in no time you will be a profitable freelance writer.

Here’s how to develop a specialty.

  1. What’s Easy for You to Write?

Make a list of topics that are easy for you to write about. If you’ve published several magazines or Web articles on any topic, this can be a guide that this topic is easy for you. Choose one topic. You could be someone who’s been involved in finance for a long time, so if you keep your knowledge up to date, your specialization can be business and investments. Likewise, if you are a traveler, travel can be your specialization. Keep that in mind when you are trying to choose your specialization.

Topics like technology, health, and business reward writers well. Nevertheless, you can use your specialty, virtually from any interest area, for instance, if you have been reading a magazine about a particular topic that interests you, that would make a great specialty for you.

  1. What Are You Enthusiastic About?

If you’re a new writer you may not have published any articles. Make a list of subjects which interest you and about which you’re enthusiastic. Your lifestyle can also point you to a specialty. If you’re a new mother, then consider writing about babies and parenting. If you’ve recently been made redundant, then write about careers and job hunting.

Think about the TV shows you watch. Your viewing habits are also a guide to your interests. Interest is vital when you are choosing a specialty, because you will be writing about this topic for years, so it’s one in which you must have a certain amount of interest.

  1. Create a Profile for Your Specialty

Your next step is to create a profile for your specialty. Include any educational qualifications you have or any career experience. However, even if you lack these, writing about your chosen topic will make you a de facto expert. When you’ve published five articles on the topic, people tend to look at you as being an expert.

  1. Get Writing Jobs in Your New Specialty

Finally, get some writing jobs in your new specialty. Approach magazines and websites and query them with article topics. You can use these initial sales to get more writing jobs. Although it can take a little time to become known in your specialty, once you are known you will find that writing jobs come to you and they keep coming.

Abiola Onaade is a serial entrepreneur, a freelance photographer, a digital marketer, SEO expert, proficient web content and article writer.

I'm truly dedicated to providing life-changing information and impacting through my positive and inspirational write-ups.

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