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Freelance writing can be a great opportunity to make money in a variety of niche markets, getting started usually doesn’t take you from 0 to 60 in a single project.

There are just a few simple steps involved when learning about how to become a freelance writer. You do not need a degree in English Language or Journalism to become a freelance writer. Anyone with the ability to write clearly with minimum grammatical and spelling error is qualified to be a freelance writer,


Listed below are the simple steps you need to take when learning how to become a freelance writer?

Take the Baby Steps

If you’re just getting started and you’re wondering how to become a freelance writer, consider a baby step. A step starts from where you are. It doesn’t make any difference where that is. Perhaps you’ve won writing awards at a previous job or maybe you failed high school English. Everyone starts from somewhere.

Write articles on your favorite topics for your blog or article directory. Sites like,, and provide you with a great opportunity to share your passions. Many freelance jobs today involve writing for blogs and writing articles for Internet directories so this is also a great way to build up a portfolio of relevant work.

Create an account on one of the many freelance job matching sites and start bidding on jobs. When you get a client, knock their socks off and wow them with your work. As a freelancer, good communication between you and your client is almost as important as the quality of your writing. Build rapport and maintain your new connections. As you build a portfolio of work you’ll find yourself taking on bigger jobs and receiving higher pay.

Learn about SEO writing, and how to do it:

As a newbie the word SEO writing might sound strange, it’s an acronym for search engine optimization and it is the techniques use by search engines for ranking. One of the best ways to get good rankings for certain keywords or phrases is to incorporate them into the text in certain places and a certain number of times. This is how SEO writing is done:

  • Target 3 keywords or phrases per page. 1 primary, 2 secondary
  • The primary keyword will be in the title of the page while the secondary keywords are placed in the Subheadings
  • The keyword density for every 100 words should be 2.7%, the keywords used 2 to 3 times.
  • Keywords and phrases must not be put together but spread evenly through the writing.
  • It is always good to use the keyword at the start of a sentence than at the end
  • Ensure Keywords don’t look too obvious and text must be smooth.

Create a pricing structure

Pricing is always a tricky topic. The logic about pricing is making sure to give clients incentives that will make them stick with you and give a larger volume of work. that can be done either by offering a discount on repeat projects or by creating a pricing structure that rewards higher volumes of work, that’s your call to make. You can do both.

You can either charge per word or article, most clients understand better when pricing is based on per article rather than per word, I’m recommending starters to go with per-article pricing.

Have a reasonable pricing structure

While you badly want to earn a lot from being a freelance writer, you should consider that just like any other regular jobs, you must start with a regular basic salary. Remember that you are just starting your career in the industry, and considering that you do not have any experience yet, you need to first give the employers a chance to somehow get a (paid) sample of your writing skill. No worries though, you can always increase your rate as you gain more and more freelance writing experience.

Build a portfolio

You must have examples or your work to show your clients and display them on freelancing websites. If you haven’t got anything currently then spend the next couple of days creating some samples. Aim for popular topics that often need a lot of content. Diet, weight loss, fitness and lifestyle topics are often required so these are a good place to start. You can go by the above outline rules and write one or two SEO articles, you can try your hands on blog-post too to boost your confidence. You could even create a free blog from and add the blog posts. Doing this makes you an automatic publisher even without having a client! This is undoubtedly one of the most important steps to take when learning to become a freelance writer.

Learn about different types of freelance writing

Several types of content are needed by web developers and are asked for on freelancing websites. Learning what they are and any other important jargon is crucial when learning how to be a freelance writer.

Here is a brief guide

Blog posts – it’s always between 400 – 500-word posts on any given subject. When writing for blogs it’s good to write from the fun aspects of a subject that people can comment on. For example, to write about a cat, you can write titles such as “how to make your cat food”, or “homemade toys your cats will love”.

SEO articles – here write 500-word articles with keywords spread over. Usually, this type of article is submitted with links to article directories, an article like the top 10 ways to. Falls in this category.

Sales writing – often called sales letters. These are usually long articles intended to make readers click on the link to buy something. They have a particular format. This is one niche worth learning as sales letters that convert are in high demand and therefore well paid on freelancing websites.

Press releases – these are articles used by businesses to announce a new product or bit of information. Its usually submitted to the press release website online. They are for generating hype around business and gaining back-links. People that write press releases get a lot of requests on freelancing websites.

E-books -These are usually online reading books. They don’t require SEO and are either written to be sold online or give away as incentives for leaving an email address. Depending on the subject matter they can either be very long or much less than 10,000 words.

Gather necessary information from the client

This is the last step in learning how to become a freelance writer. When it comes to obtaining the appropriate information, make sure you get enough data that will assist you in writing an article that is on point otherwise your writing may not serve the purpose. You might ask for articles but it can be difficult to know how to write them without understanding what the intention of the articles is.

If you follow the above-listed steps then you have everything you need to become a freelance writer. All that remains is to get on the freelancing websites and start making money with your winning proposals.

You will be amazed at how much you can make as a freelance writer, any way you will have me to thank when you begin to smile to the bank.