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  • Fortuna Beginner Or Professional $27
  • Fortuna Elite $47
  • Fortuna Pantheon $77
  • Fortuna Unlimited $97


If you are struggling to get FREE TRAFFIC, pay attention:

New Software Automatically Builds High Ranking Websites That Generate THOUSANDS Of Visitors, In Days!


  • Fortuna Builds High Traffic Websites In Just A Few Clicks

  • Create Thousands Of High Ranking Pages And Write ZERO Content

  • Dominate For Local Businesses OR Massive Online Niches

  • No Monthly Costs, No Paid Traffic, And No Expensive SEO Services

  • PROVEN TO WORK – Keep Reading For Massive Proof From Real users


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Before The Price Goes Up

Introducing Fortuna……….

Fortuna is an automated website builder that works around long tail keywords for fast and easy rankings.

Quickly build highly optimized websites with proven to rank content for any niche.

Our powerful case studies show how Fortuna can help users generate huge free traffic and monetize for affiliate programs, CPA offers and even local businesses… This is an automated website. But better.

Let’s Face it…

Traffic is the backbone of every online business; the more of it you have, the more customers you have access to.

But, traffic costs money. Time AND money.

SEO was the answer, but in 2019 the free traffic that can be generated from SEO isn’t free at all. Creating websites that can generate a good amount of free traffic takes a LOT of time and money.

We Have Developed A Free Traffic System That Works EVERY TIME…

Using the Fortuna software we have been able to completely take over all kinds of niches in Google and as a result, generate MASSIVE FREE TRAFFIC!

We Have Developed A Free Traffic System That Works EVERY TIME…

It took 10 years. 10 years and tens of thousands of dollars for us to perfect our free traffic strategy.

But the results have always been amazing, if you have the time and budget to get there.

Sadly, most people do not. If you don’t have the budget for SEO, then you can forget about paid traffic.

And don’t get me started on viral traffic. As amazing as it can be, it is VERY unpredictable and unreliable.

We Decided To Automate Our Free Traffic System For You.

This has allowed dozens of people to get fantastic rankings in the search engines but in a fraction of the time and the money, it took us.

Look At This Stats…

Using the Fortuna software we have been able to completely take over all kinds of niches in Google and as a result, generate MASSIVE FREE TRAFFIC!


Get Instant Access To Fortuna Now>>>

Before The Price Goes Up


  • Build Huge Websites

    Building large websites is very time-consuming. Fortuna allows anyone to set up and automate the creation of large websites in a matter of minutes.

  • Proven Ranking Strategy

    Building websites automatically is only part of the picture. Fortuna builds in a way that mimics our proven to rank system that we have perfected over the last 10 years. Take instant advantage of our learning curve.


  • Automated Rich Media

    Rich media is one of the biggest ranking factors in 2019. Images and videos rule supreme but getting access is hard. Fortuna goes out there and finds EXACTLY what you need.


    It comes at the most insane price ever.

    Cutting out our costs and years of experience for a tiny investment is a deal not to be missed.


  • Full Automated Website Building

    You just need to create content once, and xvirally will automatically post it for you on all the 20 connected social networks.

    Imagine the number of customers you can get from these platforms, especially from the ones that your competitors ignore.

  • Instantly Include Highly Targeted Viral Videos

You don’t have to spend hours everyday posting on these various social media platforms.Tell xVirally when you want each one to go live and the platforms it should be posted on.

This is stress-free traffic at it’s finest.

HINT: You can schedule up to 10,000 posts per month for 2 years.

  • Search Millions Of High-Quality Images – Unique On EVERY Page

Your audience loves it when you engage with them as they message or comment on your posts.

The faster you do this, the easier you’re going to convert them to paying customers.

Inside xVirally, you will be able to automatically reply to inbox messages to your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

And if your audience comments on your posts, xVirally will automatically reply using the right words.

That’s not all.

If your brand name is mentioned anywhere across Facebook and Instagram, xVirally will track it and comment on it.

  • Tap Into Billions Of Potential Customers On Autopilot

You can create as many accounts as you want inside xVirally, and group them according to niches or businesses.

Included with the Professional license are Commercial Usage Rights.

In case you don’t know, businesses can hire you to help them manage their social media.

And with this unlimited accounts offer, you can manage as many accounts and businesses as you want.

  • Automatically Optimize Every Post Using Our Proven To Rank Strategy

Creating content is one of the hardest parts of social media marketing.

But xVirally makes is super simple for you.

You can integrate RSS feeds from blogs and websites that posts content relevant to your niche.

xVirally will pick up those contents when they release it, and share it with your social media audience automatically.

That way, you won’t have to keep racking your brains on what to post to keep your audience engaged.

  • Works Amazingly Well For Niche And local Marketing

xVirally allows you save up to 100MB in image files inside the app.

With this, you can store up images there so the software can easily pick it up when it wants to make a post for you.

You can also import content from Dropbox with ease inside the software.

  • Guaranteed Unlimited Unique Content

Using images downloaded from Google on your social media posts can get you into trouble.

There are a series of cases of people being sued to the tune of $8,000 just for using images downloaded off Google.

We don’t want that to happen to you, and that’s why we built in over 1 million royalty free images you can use for your social media posts.

We even went a step further by adding an Image Editor to it so you can make your images stand out.

  • Target Every City, In Every State Instantly For Fast And Easy Rankings

If you want to get easy traffic, the easiest way to do that is to spot new trends and exploit it.

And what easier way to do that than with xVirally.

You can simply enter a keyword within the app to find the trending hashtags for you related to that keyword on Instagram and Twitter

With this, you can simply plug it into your posts and get more attentions and traffic from your posts.

  • Step By Step Training, Setup In Minutes Then Sit Back And Watch

Most of our beta testers said this was the best feature of xVirally.

You can connect your blogging platform to xVirally and post your articles directly to it without leaving xVirally.

So you’re not only able to auto-post to social networks, but also to your blogging platforms.

Little wonder why some people called it a Content Manager rather than just a Social Media Manager.

Launch Week Only

Total Value:  $648

BONUS #1: xVirally WP Plugin: This plugin allows you to connect your wordpress blog to xVirally and curate posts to your blog to get red hot traffic.

BONUS #2:  Unlimited Commercial License: With this commercial license, you can charge clients for services rendered with xVirally.

BONUS #3:  All Social Media Video Downloader: Allows you to download videos and photos from multiple platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VK,,,, DailyMotion, Vimeo and more.

BONUS #4:  Viral Quiz Machine: Create awesome and viral quizzes on your WP site, as Buzzfeed does, but with more features! It’s the best and the simplest WordPress quiz plugin ever!


Get Instant Access To Fortuna Now>>>

Before The Price Goes Up






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