Eight Webhosting Review
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Eight Webhosting

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Eight Webhosting Review

Are you tired of paying huge monthly fees for your web hosting and domain names?

How Would You Like To Stop Paying Your HostingAnd Domain Providers Month-After-Month?

  • Unlimited WordPress Installations
  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificates
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Premium Drag-and-Drop Website Builder
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 24×7 Trained Hosting Technical Support

Eight Web Hosting 

Eight Webhosting Review

  1. Host up to 16 Websites with 16 GB Storage
  2. Unlimited WordPress Installations
  3. Create Unlimited Email Accounts
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth
  5. Commercial License to Host Clients Sites for Money
  6. Exclusive WordPress Control Hub to manage all your WP installations
  7. Unlimited Free SSL Certifications for domains and subdomains
  8. One-Click Installation of over 450 Website Applications
  9. Premium Drag-and-Drop Website Builder (not the default “control panel” builder)
  10. Exclusive Two domain names for 8 years, with 8 years domain privacy included
  11. More exclusive features that no other hosting providers offer

What Is Eight Webhosting?
Eight Webhosting is eight years of quality Webhosting for less than the price of one.  The product launch, You can get eight years of hosting for as little as .9 cents per day — less than a penny! Our top tier frontend hosting product is only 3.3 cents per day!
The Dirty Secrets Of Webhosting Deals (And Why Ours Is Better)
You’re probably thinking, oh, web hosting, there’ve been a lot of web hosting deals lately, including from us. Why should you buy this one? Well, let’s put a few cards on the table here, this is really important.

First of all, not all hosting offers are equal. There are hosting offers from reputable hosting companies with full infrastructure and dedicated support staff, like us. Eight Webhosting host over 50,000 accounts and have both the capacity and the specialized support team in place. The word “specialized” is important there because providing support for hosting is WAY different than support for an app or an ebook. It requires knowledgeable support techs who KNOW to host and can provide a quick response. This is not cheap, but we’ve already had that in place for years. Our hosting offers are win-win-win — a win for us, a win for you.

And here’s one last thing, you know cPanel, the app you log into on almost all web hosts? Well, the company behind cPanel just announced a big price hike. It used to charge per server. Now, they’re going to charge per account. That will hit EVERY cPanel installation at EVERY host, and it’s so bad, for some, cPanel licenses will end up costing more than the server itself. We’re already prepared for that. We’re pre-emptively moving to a different control panel solution, that will just look like a theme update to users. Those other guys? Are they prepared to pay for that huge bill that they weren’t counting on in their unlimited hosting deal? Or are they just going to shut down and disappear?

Anyway, when you buy this Eight Webhosting, you can rest assured that you are working with a longstanding company with over 50,000 accounts, full hosting infrastructure, and dedicated trained support staff. We’re not going anywhere and we’re not crossing our fingers and selling vaporware. You can depend on us and our offers.

Eight Webhosting is LITERALLY
the last web hosting you will ever buy

Join the thousands of satisfied customers that WON’T be paying us month-after-month, year-after-year for rock solid web hosting and domain names.

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Why Are You Letting Your 
Current Hosting Provider Kill Your Business?

Increase your Shopper and Customer Satisfaction with The Fastest Website Loading.  Faster Websites are Proven to Increase Your Sales. It’s true – The average user has no patience for a page that takes too long to load. And your current Webhosting company doesn’t care.  Eight Webhosting does.

It’s true – 47% of consumers expect a page to load in under 2 seconds. 
Why doesn’t your current Webhosting provider offer CloudLinux, LiteSpeed Webserver, Opcache and more to guarantee a faster loading website?  Eight Webhosting does.

It’s true – According to the Google “Site Performance for Webmasters” video – Site Speed is a ranking factor.
Why doesn’t your hosting provider invest in Enterprise Servers with a minimum of 32 CPU Cores and 128 GB RAM.  Eight Webhosting does.

It’s true – 40% leave a website that loads in more than 3 seconds.
Why doesn’t your current webhosting provider offer a complete WordPress Control Hub to automate your WP management including auto-updating of WP Core, WP Themes and WP Plugins to ensure the latest versions and fastest speeds.  Eight Webhosting does.

Are You Tired of 400% Price Increases?

It happens to millions of customers every year! Are you one of the millions of customers that have you signed up for $2.95/mo. hosting only to find out the renewal is $8.95/mo. – $11.95/mo.? Up to a 400% price increase?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that after you sign up for web hosting, you won’t pay again for 96 months!  And when you need to renew, your original purchase price is guaranteed… Forever? Each and every month you’ll save on your hosting and domain renewal fees. A penny saved is a penny earned. That’s guaranteed money in the bank every month.

Have you ever had your hosting go down or your domain disappear because your hosting invoice was sent to your spam folder? How costly and embarrassing is that? And to add insult to injury, your web host wants to charge you a late fee, a data recovery fee as well as a $100+ domain restoration fee.

Join our customers putting their web hosting and domain money in the bank every month, and never experiencing outages because they missed their web hosting renewal invoices.  We send 1 hosting invoice for every 96 monthly invoices our competition sends.

Save $400 On Domain Names; We Include Two Domains for Eight Years, with Domain Privacy
Can your current hosting provider do that?
Let’s do the math together.  Domain names are between $10/year and $20/year.  Domain Privacy is about $10/year.  Let’s say that’s $25/year together for a domain name and privacy.  For eight years that works out to $200.  For two domains… $400.  Included.
Choose from the following domain extensions:

Who Is Eight Webhosting?
Why Should I Trust This Hosting?

Have you been burned by your hosting provider?  Signed up for a “too good to be true” deal by some marketers with no hosting experience or background?  That’s not what you’re getting today.
Eight Webhosting is a new concept in hosting. Instead of paying month-after-month, we charge you once every 8 years. A single one-time payment.

Our parent company has been providing web hosting for over 17 years. 7 different companies. We’re not new at this. This isn’t a hobby for us. This is what we do for a living. And we do it well.

We’ve provided shared web hosting for over 60,000 customers. This includes our premium brands that sell shared hosting for as much as $720/year and our value brands that sell for as little as $24/year.


Just one of our companies has generated over $7,000,000 since it started. Not because we’re bad at what we do. Not because we’re new at this. And certainly not because we’re “here today, gone tomorrow.”

We’ve been providing 24×7 technical support for over 16 years. Our customers have experienced every type of install, config and troubleshooting issue you can imagine – and our tech support has seen it all before. And solved it all before.

Online with Eight Webhosting
In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1
Choose a new domain name (included) or enter your existing domain name in your Eight Webhosting dashboard

Step 2
Setup one or more of our 450 web applications with a single click (or import your existing WordPress site in a single click)

Step 3
Publish your fast loading, SSL enabled site on Eight Webhosting with a few simple clicks.  It doesn’t get any easier.

Checkout How Eight Webhosting Can Increase Your Profitability and Grow Your Business

Benefit #1
Two Domain Names Registered For 8 Years
Your online presence doesn’t stop with web hosting.  The best hosting in the world is useless without a domain name.  Beware this hidden cost with other hosting providers (up to $400 elsewhere.) We provide with domains for 8 years with domain privacy with every hosting plan.  Register a .co.business, .co.education, .co.financial, .co.network, .co.technology, .co.place or .co.events domain name.

Benefit #2
Domain Privacy for Two Domain Names for 8 Years EXCLUSIVE
Don’t let your domain ownership details fall in the hand of scammers and phishers.  Protection your private information and your reputations. Crazy ICANN domain rules force domain owners to use their actual name, email and contact information when registering a domain – then they make this information available to the world! Scraping the Whois database is the number one way scammers and phishers get your private information.  We stop them instantly in their tracks and protect your privacy.

Benefit #3
Premium WordPress Control Hub EXCLUSIVE
Finally, get your WordPress Management headaches under control. Are you tired of updating WordPress on your 20 instances one at a time?  Need to update a plug-in on 15 different WordPress sites? Now you can automate everything and perform bulk updates on all of your WordPress sites from one place.

Benefit #4
Complete WordPress Staging like WP Engine and Flywheel
No longer just a feature of expensive WordPress hosts.  Our system allows you to create WordPress staging sites to test and develop against before rolling out your changes to your production WordPress. No more fear of bringing your entire business offline when making a change or theme update or adding a plugin.  You can easily test everything in your staging environment and only move it to production when you’re happy with the results.

Benefit #5
Host 16 Websites with Unlimited WordPress
Every successful business needs more than one website.  So why do the default plans at GoDaddy and HostGator include only a single website?  Simple – because they want to upsell you and punish your success.  They think since you’re growing and doing well, they should get more money!  At Eight Webhosting our Gold and Platinum plans allow 4 – 16 websites depending on your needs.

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