Best Freelancing Websites to Get Started With

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Believe it or not, online freelancing websites are game-changers. They’ve evolved to redefine the way we once viewed work and employment on planet earth. In contrast to 9-5 jobs where employees remain stuck at one location, freelancing websites facilitate the choice of being able to work from any location, and to define the volume of work to be handled.

As more and more people became freelancers, so did hundreds of freelancing websites spring into existence. Where the issue lies, especially for new or inexperienced freelancers, is being able to distinguish which freelancing website to join and which not join. If you are in this position, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Below, we’ve done extensive research on 5 best freelancing websites that newbie freelancers can consider when getting started on their freelancing journey. Be rest assured that each of these top freelancing websites are worth all the hype accorded them.

Top freelancing websites

In no particular order, our picks for best freelancing platforms are:
• Upwork
• Fiverr
• PeoplePerHour
• Guru
• Freelancer
Let’s jump rig into seeing what each of these platforms are about and what they each have to offer

Upwork Freelancing Website

Since the merger between the erstwhile and, the resultant freelancing platform,, has grown to become one of the world’s largest freelance marketplace. As the biggest freelance marketplace, there is usually an endless stream of jobs, slightly increasing the probability of a new freelancer getting hired the same day he registers. The job platform has plenty of functionalities and tools for members, and charges low fees.

Fiverr Freelancing Platform

This platform is the world’s headquarters of small freelance jobs and services. Like its name suggests, gigs that are as low as $5 can be ordered and created on the freelancing platform. With over 20 categories and sub-categories of freelance jobs, freelancers can be rest assured their distinctive skills would fetch them some cash. No need to worry that you can’t code or design stuffs. Fiverr got you covered.

PeoplePerHour Freelancing Platform

This freelance platform mainly seeks to bring together, people that offer or seek web development, writing, business development, designing, social media, and other related services. It runs in similar ways as other freelancing platforms, by opening up a world of opportunities wherein people around the world can access online and on-site freelance gigs. Payment rates for successful gigs are usually hourly or at fixed prices.

Guru Freelance Website

Since 2001, this freelancing platform has been serving buyers and sellers of services absolutely well. Freelancers can, within a twinkle of an eye, set up their respective profiles and go in search of gig, reviewing each employer’s portfolio or reputations. Freelancers manage their activities from Work Room and are paid through the Safepay payments systems.

Freelancer Platform

If you are in search of a very good platform on which to kickstart your freelancing carrer, Freelancer is recommended for you. Setting up profiles as a freelancer or employer take seconds, and once done you start earning or hiring. Newbie freelancers have got a long list of categories from which to choose niche.


There you have it – the best freelancing websites that newbie freelancers can get started with. Even if you are an experienced freelancer, you can do well to check the platforms her that are unfamiliar to you. Who knows, you may encounter your next big client thereon.

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