If you care about the idea of creating a passive income from home and building a brand online, then you'll love precisely what I share here.

You can expect to get some amazing training to allow you to develop a successful online business, as well as inspiration and determination.

If you're here right now, a little something informs me that you have an entrepreneurial spirit; a drive that most people don't have, and a determination to FIND OUT.

  • Are just getting started and have no idea what direction to go.
  • Need to have a little guide to discovering how to market and build a brand.
  • Feel frustrated and can't seem to be to get results.

No matter where you find yourself in your business, you want to increase your results and IMPACT.

You're ready to take your business to the next level, even if you are not quite absolutely certain how yet.

You are feeling like your interior success is within and you just want to exhibit the complete world what's inside.

The only problem is... You might feel TRAPPED!
Trust me... I actually understand the feeling!
Now, Let me share a couple of my core values...

I really believe YOU have everything it takes to develop a profitable Online business that transforms the lives of other people all around the globe... We want to help you do this!

I believe you're different than most people, because you know there are some things inside you that is READY to make a change toward your dreams. You might have put this off in the past, but you are, in fact, an ACTION TAKER!

In my opinion you ought to have to have all the success, joy and happiness and love that is waiting for you. Because when you actually achieve your dream, it's not gonna be by accident, it's gonna be through sheer action from your VISION. I'm identified to give you tools and training to direct toward your success.


Hey there, my name is Olaitan Taiwo and I'm enthusiastic about helping internet marketers grow a business that gives them true freedom.

How did I start doing this?

I started in the online marketing field in 2015. I was introduced to Freelancer (Seoclerk and Fiverr) and I started Making some little cash on their platform, Till now I still have an account there (If you need a Digital Promoting for your Business GET IN TOUCH).... I had acknowledged about On the web marketing already and I actually wanted to get started, so I did. At my first year with my company I hit a wall structure pretty quickly... I ran out of men and women to speak to. So , I proceeded to go online and found a "different route", which was affiliate marketing. I learned a little about marketing online, but didn't take action on it.

I realized there had to be an improved way, so I commenced doing some online research and found something in common with all the entrepreneurs who were creating success... That's when I decided...

I've got to do something different!

I discovered about online marketing and how to construct a business using the internet.

I could not believe it! No much longer was I reading about Others creating a life of freedom, I WAS DOING IT MYSELF!

Right now, I'm determined to show you ways to build a profitable business, and build your own brand online.

Before I let you go, I wish to invite you to join my email list community. When you sign up below  (for free) you will get up to date marketing strategies to help you grow a successful online businesses. I'm also going to provide you with free ebook, where I show you step-by-step how to create your own successful online business...


Olaitan Taiwo

I'm I'm a digital marketer and Computer Engineer and the founder of SAMSTOF TECHNOLOGIES.

I show people how to create the life and business of their dreams by leveraging the power of online marketing.


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