Olaitan Taiwo


Hi, I'm Olaitan Taiwo aka Daprince.  Founder of  SAMSTOF TECHNOLOGIES company,

My Online Business base On Digital & Affiliate Marketing and My Offline Business base on Computer Engineer.

I have helped individuals and firms to increase their sales and stand out exceptionally from the crowd. Let me help you start and scale a profitable Offline And Online business that gives you the freedom to do more of what you love.


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How are you, I'm Olaitan and I acknowledge you for stopping by my website. I've put this website together to discuss some unbelievable knowledge I've learned digital marketing and what it takes to build a profitable offline and online business.

During my journey I've been taught by some of the top market leaders in the industry about starting and building a successful online business. . Read More


 John James 

Online Entrepreneur

Olaitan has not only the experience, but also the service minded compassion that really allowed me to realize my potential and take my marketing to the next level. 

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